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bernhard gÜnter

Détails agrandis
€ 14.00
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bernhard gÜnter - Détails agrandis

bernhard gÜnter

Détails agrandis

€ 14.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. Selenium 34 | YEAR. (1998)

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This collection of three pieces is dedicated to artists and musicians whom Günter admires. The collection's title translates to "Enlarged Details," an apt description of Günter's approach to composition. Musically all of them involve a limited vocabulary of sounds interacting with silence. "Four Grey Paintings" uses low rumbles hovering at the very edge of audibility, interrupted with high-pitched tones and metallic twangs. Dedicated to Jim O'Rourke (an early champion of Günter's music), this piece reflects the similarity of Günter's music to painting. "Stone Circles" (dedicated to British land artist Richard Long) centers around a drone that sounds like the wind after a long and very quiet opening, as if arriving from a long distance, interspersed with quiet metallic bumps. Its original material was derived from a section of "Deceptive Likeness," from Un Ocean de Certitude, Günter's collaborative release with RLW. "Ecriture Automatique" (Automatic Writing), dedicated to Italian sound artist and paleo-linguist Giancarlo Toniutti, also has long interludes of silence, separated by clattering, low rumbles, buzzes, and thumps. The original release includes several of Toniutti's photographs of Mt. Gozman forest in Italy that are omitted from the reissue, but the reissue has been remastered.

~Caleb Deupree, All Music Guide

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