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duello madre

Duello Madre
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duello madre - Duello Madre
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Italian experimental prog

duello madre

Duello Madre

€ 21.00

GENRE: Jazz | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. VM LP 128 | YEAR. (2016)

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Finally available again, this rare Italian prog classic! Duello Madre, from Genua, only released a Soft Machine jazz-oriented album with just a single vocal track (probably the most convincing one on the LP), in 1973 on the Produttori Associati label (Maxophone). After the band split, the bass player Callero went to Il Volo, and drummer Lo Previte played in Nova. Duello Madre was a sort of superband, as it featured Marco Zoccheddu from Nuova Idea and Osage Tribe, Bob Callero - also from Osage Tribe - and drummer Dede Lo Previte from Circus 2000, along with sax and flute player Pippo Trentin. The great musicianship of the four-piece is evident throughout the album. Aquile blu, with uncredited vocals (probably by guitarist Zoccheddu) and nice sax solos is the best track, and Momento has a nice hypnotic bass pattern.

This is italian jazz-prog at its best!! The album is available on a beautiful vinyl replica with extended liner notes and unreleased pictures.

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