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File under: KrautCosmic

NWW list

The infamous list of musicians and bands that accompanied the first album by Nurse With Wound

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Best of 2018

Tangerine Dream

Electronic Meditation (Lp)

Label: Tiger Bay

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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**LP 180gr Vinyl, Gatefold, 45rpm audiophile** In autumn/winter of 1969 Edgar Froese, founder of Tangerine Dream, met Klaus Schulze and Conrad Schnitzler. This trio formed the line-up of Tangerine Dream to record the debut album Electronic Meditation. The band was supported by two other musicians: Jimmy Jackson (organ) and Thomas Keyserling (flute), but both were mysteriously left out of the credits of the original album. Edgar Froese: "In 1969, I met Klaus in Berlin. He was a very bad drummer, but he had some sort of craziness about him that I was looking for. That is what has happened with Tangerine Dream over the past 10 years. All the people who went through the band came into the band because they had some sort of craziness about them. That's what I think. It's the sort of music you can't create if you're absolutely normal. [...] Electronic Meditation was done by absolute amateurs. We couldn't handle our equipment, and during that period of recording we couldn't get any record company interested in it. Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser was interested, and he gave us some money."

File under: KrautCosmic
Cat. number: TB6201
Year: 2018