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Engines Of Desire (Tape)
€ 8.00
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blackhumour - Engines Of Desire (Tape)
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Extended Voices


Engines Of Desire (Tape)

€ 8.00

LABEL: Regional Bears
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: TAPE | CATALOG N. RB01 | YEAR. (2018)

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Since the early 80s, Blackhumour has been stubbornly dedicated to an investigation of the cracks which exist in common speech practice and the vacancy of the signifier. Vocal event is mined for stochastic determinism and glottal smut. While affinities exist, it would be difficult to categorize this material as sound poetry, despite a focus on voice, breath and the subtle diversion of linguistic intent. What is it. Repetition and magnification direct the incremental units of a sound which manages to focus sonic density to a concrete minimalism. Some comparison can be made to Halls contemporaries Anne Gillis, the Haters or Kapotte Muziek, but blackhumour has always generated its own gravitational pullEngines of Desire (2009) is a conceptual follow-up to Binary (and/or) (1986). Do Business (1994-95) is the sequel to the uncompleted …she visits. she doesn’t stay. as always, Blackhumour audio uses only the sound of found-object spoken human voice with no effects, back - or speed-masking. Because things are as they are – and this is how this is.

if i could i would repeat myself endlessly.

repeat myself endlessly.


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