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richard pinhas

Event and Repetitions
€ 15.50
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richard pinhas - Event and Repetitions

richard pinhas

Event and Repetitions

€ 15.50

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. rune166 | YEAR. (2019)

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"...a sporadic but constant thread in Pinhas’ music has been his experimentation with guitar feedback, loops and effects boxes, even in the early days of Heldon, as he tried to perfect his own version of Frippertronics. Well, it has been a long time coming, but Event and Repetitions may well signal the full realization of Pinhas’ long-time vision. The drifting, hypnotic patterns of the five pieces on this CD? have a shimmering beauty and depth that seems to suggest a destination at the end of a long journey – and perhaps the beginning of a new journey. Although the CD cover proclaims that all tracks were performed live on guitar direct to digital recorder, many of the background drones and even melody lines have such long sustains that they sound as if they are being played on a huge cathedral organ rather than an electric guitar. The mastery of technology here is not only impressive – but also completely organic. Like all art that comes from the deeper parts of the psyche, Event and Repetitions really transcends classification." – Bill Tilland, All Music Guide

Event and Repetitions, his first solo album in over 5 years, is over 75' of music performed live in his studio with just guitar and processing systems. The music is rich in depth, detail and texture.

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