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Farewell said I rising
€ 12.00
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cymbls  - Farewell said I rising


Farewell said I rising

€ 12.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP, Single Sided | CATALOG N. UDR 09 | YEAR. (1970)

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Another lovely release from Upside label, responsible of the "fantastically primordial soup of dismantled and unstable rhythmic electronics and fractal synth patterns" as Boomkat said while reviewing Nastro / Here’s a very mysterious one-sider from Italian duo CYMBLS, their debut, so information about them is scant. There are five tracks on here which mix Italo-horror atmospheres with an earthy, freewheeling avant-minimal aesthetic as they melt between passages of bright, reverby organ, breathy flute and sparse, mangled guitar tones and puttering drums, vocals mumbly, almost whispered like the guy from Poison Arrows, ominous melodies pouring from your speakers like smoke. It’s a murky, alchemic concoction which veers between abstraction and chilling, determined melodies, chill drones and heady krautrock grooves. The vocals are used sparingly and there’s something woozy and slippery about it, like Hype Williams transplanted onto a hippie commune with instruments instead of machines to work with. It’s deeply psychedelic, sometimes awkward, but also quite warm and mysterious, inviting further listens to try and get your head around its weirdly flowing structures. (Norman Records)

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