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FAT and the Masters of Haha - excerpt 1
FAT and the Masters of Haha - excerpt 2
FAT and the Masters of Haha - excerpt 3
FAT and the Masters of Haha - excerpt 4

FAT, The Masters of Haha

FAT and the Masters of Haha (2 LP)

Label: Cat Dog Mouse Records

Format: LPx2

Genre: Experimental

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FAT and the Masters of Haha is a 73-minute release of FAT's recording with the southern Moroccan Berber group Aouad Mia, master rebab player Rais Lahcen Benlamouden, and other Berber singers and percussionists. It was recorded in Agadir, Morocco, in 1991 after development during FAT's numerous visits to Morocco over the previous three years. Aouad Mia's music is improvised but extremely tight and crisp, and combined with FAT, the music ranges from ferocious looped attacks through complex melodic and rhythmic passages to extended trance-like grooves. This was FAT's final recorded album, and is a rare marriage of noise, improv, and free jazz with the intensity and virtuosity of a traditional ethnic music group -- in this case Aouad Mia, Rais Lahcen Benlamouden, and the accompanying Berber musicians.

Cat. number: CATDOG 001LP
Year: 2015

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