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Faust (Lp)

Label: Lilith

Format: LP

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**180 gram LP w/ clear poly printed sleeve, replica of the original** Legendary German post-rock band formed in 1971 by undisputed noise pioneer Uwe Nettelbeck, Faust garnered an immediate following due to its artistically extreme experimentations with music cut ups and other mixed sources hinging on cacophony and distortion. Don't miss their 1971 cult classic debut, now reissued with its original clear printed sleeve on 180 gram clear vinyl.
Allmusic critic Archie Patterson lauded the band's accomplishment, writing that 'The impact of Faust cannot be overstated; their debut album was truly a revolutionary step forward in the progress of 'rock music'.' He awarded Faust four and a half out of five stars, concluding that 'the level of imagination is staggering, the concept is totally unique and it's fun to listen to as well.' The first 1971 Polydor (transparent) album and one of the great testaments to originality and innovation in the field, this album took two years to create, but in the 45 years since has come to be recognized as a breathtaking achievement, which hasn't aged.


Cat. number: LR138LP
Year: 2018
Genre: Psych
File under: Krautcosmic