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    Franco Battiato


    Label: BMG RICORDI

    Format: CD

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    Franco Battiato moved into the 1970s on the crest of the progressive rock wave. This 1972 impossibly strange record inhabits that nether world of pop music, electronics, politics and experimental rock. Fetus is an album beyond all definition. It's a masterpiece of daring and wild risks that work every single time. Battiato takes us through eight uniquely super-detailed songs that tug at the heart strings as no other experimental record ever could. New liner notes by Jim O'Rourke.
    Cat. number: 74321 58552 2
    Year: 1998
    Genre: Electronic
    Ritorno al Mondo Nuovo
    interamente dedicato alla persona e all'opera di Aldous Huxley

    Reissue of the first Battiato LP