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Five Wooden Frames - excerpt 1
Five Wooden Frames - excerpt 2
Five Wooden Frames - excerpt 3
Five Wooden Frames - excerpt 4

Giuseppe Ielasi

Five Wooden Frames

Label: 12K

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Five Wooden Frames marks the return of Italian artist Giueppe Ielasi to 12k after his captivating polyrhythmic explorations on Aix (12k1051, 2009). He completely abandoned the guitar in the mid 2000’s to explore minimal electro-acoustic abstractions (see his releases on his own Senufo Editions) or rhythmic and groove-based music (see his Stunt series, the Inventing Masks project, and Aix and Tools on 12k).

Once again, however, the guitar has become his main focus, both as an instrument in the traditional sense and as source of sound material. The sections on Five Wooden Frames were produced using continuosly shifting and modulating loops of acoustic guitar glissandos resulting in pitches that slide around in a haunting, yet spirited juxtaposition of delicate and strangely playful textures. All music based on acoustic guitar recordings. Realized in Monza, early 2020.

Cat. number: 12k1092
Year: 2020