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michael rother

Flammende Herzen
€ 17.00
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michael rother - Flammende Herzen

michael rother

Flammende Herzen

€ 17.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. 4M194 | YEAR. (2010)

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Michael Rother (half of the influential Krautrock group Neu! and a founding member of Kraftwerk and Harmonia) recorded this first solo album with producer Conny Plank in 1976. Rother's signature guitar sound, the mechanical percussion (Jaki Liebezeit of Can) and the simple yet outerworldly anthemic melodies make Flammende Herzen an outstanding and visionary record.

"Finally reissued on vinyl, this is the 1976 solo debut from from Neu!/Harmonia guitarist Michael Rother. This would be the first of several of records wherein Rother's beautifully harmonized, multitracked guitars and synths are joined by the incomparable, propulsive drumming of fellow krautrock hero Jaki Liebzeit of Can. And another legendary figure in the scene, Conny Plank, produces.Flammende Herzen, which means Flaming Hearts in English, is a blissful concoction of motorik beats beneath Rother's trademark shimmering, soaring melodies. It's easy to see why it was a big hit when it was first released (apparently outselling all of Rother's albums with Neu! combined!). Truly gorgeous instrumental compositions that will brighten your day, being sources of both relaxation and energy... ok, that sounds a bit New Agey, doesn't it? But fans of the kosmische krautrock stuff should be comfortable with that, after all, there's a definite overlap, with Ashra, Tangerine Dream, Deuter, and Popol Vuh among others being krautrockers later to cross over to careers in the New Age field... and it's not like you have to get into a yoga pose to enjoy this album (though you could). Such nice music for a drive in the country, or lazing at home on a rainy afternoon, as well. Definitely a fine follow up to his work in Harmonia, tracks like "Feuerland" certainly not ignoring the r-o-c-k part of the krautrock equation in the process of being all spacey and hypnotic. Solidly recommended. 180 gram vinyl, nice "tip-on" jacket." Aquarius

Notes   Tracklisting

Recorded June to September 1976 at Conny's Studio. 180 Gram Reissue. Originally Released in 1977.

A1   Flammende Herzen 7:02  
A2   Zyklodrom 9:36  
B1   Karussell 5:22  
B2   Feuerland 7:04  
B3   Zeni 5:09