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kay hoffman

Floret Silva
€ 15.00
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kay hoffman - Floret Silva

kay hoffman

Floret Silva

€ 15.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. RR-34 | YEAR. (2006)

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a late 70s prog-folk-rock record by kay hoffman, assisted by members of the group pierrot lunaire (two albums recently reissued on one of the akarma-universe labels.) has elements of what i hold dear in late 70s euro-prog (great/weird drumming, excellent vocals co. of ms. hoffman, faust-lineage studio post-manipulation) and is certainly recommended to the folks that bought those heldon and berrocal reissues from mms. those finding light amidst the cluster of late 70s albums set free by le orme, picchio dal pozzo, area, will love this (Mimaroglu...1977 avant/folk progressive masterpiece from minimalist composer Kay Hoffman. Includes collaborative performances from Jacqueline Darby and Gaio Chiocchio--members of the legendary, Italian progressive group Pierrot Lunaire. Originally slated for release on RCA/IT (Italy) in '78, the album was later rejected due to recording deadlines, release schedules, and requests by RCA for other artistic/musical considerations. However, many years later, Floret Silva did end up surfacing on a very different shore. Copies of the masters found their way to the highly eclectic Japanese label Belle Antique, whose musical director had heard rumors about the early project in the mid-1980's. As a result, Floret Silva was finally released eight years after the completed sessions in 1985 as a small edition, but very well received LP (Belle Antique 8502, Japan). Apparently, not many copies of the record were exported outside Japan. This merely created even more mystery surrounding the recordings as well as rumors associated with a Pierrot Lunaire-related project. The recordings were based on the Carmina Burana--a collection of medieval poetry written by various authors of which little is known. Floret Silva was an attempt to find a voice for these anonymous authors in the late 1970's in Florence. Now, nearly 30 years after the completed sessions, Floret Silva blooms again...this time in the USA. Available for the first time on CD with remastered sound, including a 12-page booklet with full lyrics and English translations. A lost (but now reclaimed) gem from the Italian progressive underground.

Notes   Tracklisting

Recorded in Florence at Maurizio Pieri's home studio in the Summer of 1977/Winter of 1978.
The booklet contains the original Latin texts plus English translations.

1   Iste Mundus (2:14)
2   Floret Silva (3:06)
3   Exorcismus (1:03)
4   Intermezzo (Chume, Chume) (1:06)
5   Ich Will Truren (2:05)
6   Rondo (1:07)
7   Mai Tanz (2:51)
8   Quot Sunt Horae (4:19)
9   Tot (1:29)
10   Sonus Dulcis Lyrae (2:09)
11   Ouverture Zum Fest (4:57)
12   Intermezzo (Fagott Sommer Nacht Promenade) (1:26)
13   Tempus Instat (4:39)
14   Langueo (Vacillantis) (5:35)
15   Chume, Chume (3:13)
16   Nummus (1:29)
17   Post Communio Sancti Cyrilli (1:14)