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agitation free

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agitation free - Fragments
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Kraut Cosmic

agitation free


€ 14.90

LABEL: Garden Of Delights
GENRE: Psych | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. CD 088 | YEAR. (1996)

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Recorded in Berlin, 11/14/74 as their "final reunion" a loose jamming session featuring various members of the groups' different periods: Christoph Franke, Michael Hoenig, Lutz Ulbrich, etc. Like many acts that suffer from sounding a bit stiff in the studio, the live experience is the way to hear `em let their hair down and show how rock music can be dangerous in a way that other musical genres are often not. Trad Gras Och Stenar are another example of a band far more visceral and exciting when heard out of the studio. This live set (and also the similarly excellent "Last" and "Live '74: at the Cliffs of River Rhine" albums) snapshot the band in a trance-inducing psychedelic vibe. The live setting is wholly appropriate given their occasionally stiff precision in the studio, but still highlights their musicianship as far above wasted and sloppy psych clichés.

The original record has three long tracks and a short, forgettable blues-inflected number. The Garden of Delights reissue lengthens a couple of these and adds a passable bonus track. The long workouts are near holy grails for those who seek spaced out mantras that always seemed integral to the psychedelic experience, but are few and far between on well-known albums. Pretty fine, but the zoned vibe of their album "Last" reaches even greater peaks.

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