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moon ra

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moon ra - GCT

moon ra


€ 8.00

LABEL: The Tapeworm
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: TAPE | CATALOG N. TTW#115 | YEAR. (2019)

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**100 copies** Marie e le Rose is a sound artist, music / art therapist, sound researcher and multi-instrumentalist based in Florence, Italy. She has releases on labels such as Forrest Hill Records, No Problema Tapes, Time Released Sound, Laverna, Zamzam Records, Further Records, Chemical Tapes, Phinery, Hylé Tapes and more, with many monikers for her varying concepts (Marie e le Rose, Moon RA, MonoLogue). She has performed at festivals and venues such as Festival Sons Libérés (Bruxelles), Festival La Centrale (Bordeaux), FreeQ (Genova), MamBO museum (Bologna), Galerie Hus (Paris) and Ableton LOOP (Berlin). Her installations have taken place at Pecci museum (Prato), Palazzo Reale (Milano) and more...


"I am a musician and in this moment of my life I am dealing with pain and all that follows... This is an album based on the concept of physical pain, its title taken from the name of a famous theory about it. I have attempted to communicate – through the sound synesthesia and its movements — the same sensations and disorientation that we can try in times of difficulty and suffering. However, in every track there is a strong dose of energy and struggle, obtained from the timbre and dynamics of many analog instruments (not least the Buchla at EMS in Stockholm). I also used sounds from acoustic instruments, effects, tapes, Walkmans, reel-to-reel recorders, a modular synth and more... My aim is to work on the perceptions of the listener, making them participate with the emotions – main actors in the relationship between suffering and struggle." - Marie e le Rose

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