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domenico sciajno - ralf wehowsky

Gelbe tupfen
€ 12.00
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domenico sciajno - ralf wehowsky - Gelbe tupfen

domenico sciajno - ralf wehowsky

Gelbe tupfen

€ 12.00

GENRE: Music from Italy | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. bowindo 07 | YEAR. (2007)

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This is another of Ralph Wehowsky's collaborative project based on recycling recorded material. In fact it's the "Christmas Carol" wheeze mentioned in Dan Warburton's interview with Wehowsky in The Wire 259. Gelbe Tupfen is a split album: Domenico Sciajno's "i.Dk.Sk." occupies the first half hour, followed by Wehowsky's own "Mneme Gelb", a 22 minute electroacustic suite. Sciajno is a bassist and software wrangler originally from Turin, now based in Sicily. Deploying extreme high and low frequencies, he tunnels into electronic potholes, where there's often a doomed, sci-fi feeling - flickering malfunctions and buzzing wires indicate some apocalyptic power outage. We survey the grim scene before the light gives out altogether. It's a good listen because Sciajno knows how to seduce the ear, not clobbering the listener but welcoming us into his viscous, oozing soundscapes.
Wehowsky's music is more elusive and retiring. The first section is a long, leisurely downward glissando. Later we ear singing voices and mysterious textures that tend to fade away, but invite repeated listening. Both pieces are reworkings of a German Christmas song , sung by Wehowsky's daughter Sonja. But nothing could be further from a Christmas single than this bracing, slightly scary release.
Clive Bell, The Wire 271 August 2006

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