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gary sloan-clone

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gary sloan-clone - Harmonitalk

gary sloan-clone


€ 16.90

LABEL: Cache Cache
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. CACHE04LP | YEAR. (2012)

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Amazing, utterly unique synth/prog/pop oddity from 1980, given a new lease of life by Finders Keepers (good luck trying to find the original LP on KM Records private press - you won't). A trio led by the mysterious Gary Sloan - whose harmonica, subjected to various electronic treatments and manipulations, is the lead instrument throughout - scaling giddy heights of new age majesty on 'Good Indian' and soloing gaily over the tautest, grooviest analogue pulsations on 'Harmonitalk'. Just when you think you've got a grasp on this album though, it confounds you: 'Together Again' is an unreconstructed, virtuoso prog-blues jam, 'Mind Script Vacation Pernit 35-17' is a bizarre science fiction skit, and 'Backporch Blues' is as organic and homespun as music, never mind electronic music, gets. The epic, 10-minute 'Glacier Suite' and sublime, fanfare-for-a-foggy-morn closer 'Blue Ice' complete a musical journey unlike any other we can think of. Fans of Wolfgang Dauner, Juergen Mueller, Holger Czukay and Jean Piche - frankly anyone drawn to eccentric, visionary electronic music - need to get a load of this.

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