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Henning Christiansen, Lene Adler Petersen

Hesteofringen (10")

Label: Holidays Records

Format: 10"

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**Edition of 350** Hesteofringen (The Horse Sacrifice), a 10” record comprised of the 1970 work Min døde hest (My Dead Horse) op. 55 for piano, voice and violin (green), is one of Henning Christiansen’s most unobtainable efforts. Created for Danish television in January of 1970 as a broadcast performance piece to protest the Vietnam War, it has never before been released in its pure audio form. It is an effort which embraces the composers long standing belief in collectivism and collaboration, featuring a text / poem  written by the artist Bjørn Nørgaard - a figure nearly radical as Christiansen himself, performed by Lene Adler Pedersen, accompanied by Nørgaard and Christiansen on piano and violin. Laden with metaphor, and a beautiful, hauntingly fragile song, it is as singular, unique, topical, and important as anything in Christiansen’s body of work, making its release a historic event. A window into another era and an ambitious structure of ideas, limited to an edition of 350 copies, this is a must for any follower of radical politics, Fluxus, or the history of radical sound practice.  Picture by Jørgen Schytte, 1970. Lacquer cut by Daniel Krieger at SST, Frankfurt am Main.

Cat. number: HOL-111
Year: 2017
Genre: Sound Art