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Anti-Schill Demo (excerpt)
Dahlbusch Bombe (excerpt)
Etude pour un larynx ecrase (excerpt)


Historische Aufnahmen Vol. 2 (LP)


Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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8 years after the release of the acclaimed first Historical Recordings collection, Gagarin Records proudly presents Volume 2 of the series. Once again Felix Kubin has invested extensive research and time in compiling rare, unusual, and sometimes unsettling recordings of the past. The history of the 10 tracks of this edition spans a period from 1930 to 2002 including both analog and digital recordings ranging from gramophone records to reel-to-reel tapes, audio cassette and Digital Audio Tape (DAT). As with the previous volume, the focus has been put on the quirkier corners of recorded sound : curious events, remarkable characters and fascinating tales - revived and restored for the edification and amusement of modern ears. Listen to a wooden automaton piano player, a microtonal choir of larynx patients, the sound of a rescue device used for the purpose of evacuating miners, the demonstration of a water leak detection microphone, a violent demonstration accompanied by Christmas carols and many more. The sound quality of these recordings is not perfect and the inevitable imperfections are audible. Priority has been given to the authenticity of the material and noise reduction has been kept to a minimum.

Volume 2 continues the beautiful guise of the Historical Recordings series. Compiled by Felix Kubin and designed by Dutch artist Meeuw it features a vinyl record and a booklet with extensive notes on the background story of each track.
Cat. number: GR0002039
Year: 2018
LP w/ booklet

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