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art bears

Hopes And Fears
€ 40.00
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art bears - Hopes And Fears

art bears

Hopes And Fears

€ 40.00

LABEL: Rē Records
GENRE: Rock | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. Re 2188 | YEAR. (1978)

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1 copy available, still sealed. Originally recorded as a Henry Cow album (but eventually assigned to the trio of Art Bears), during the late 70's this grouping made one of the most powerful statements yet in the world of Art-Rock. Whereas Henry Cow showed an inclination to write long-ish compositions interspersed with improvisational aspects, Art Bears' approach combined a more lyrical display, with shorter, extended-song forms. Typically, the word-strong poetry of drummer Chris Cutler was the impetus for the group's recordings. Once written, it was set to music by multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith, (often in a spur-of-the-moment fashion) and was then extrapolated upon and built up by the group during the recording/mixing process in a way that usually validated the lyrical intent.

Hopes And Fears shows the group at its most formidable stage in terms of composition. The pieces are often highly complex, with ideas that zig-zag through a maze of musical imagery, highlighting the group at their peak of virtuosity. Dagmar Krause's vocal prowess is stunningly effective, and the recording itself was edited in a sequence where repeating themes and studio wizardry present the album as a cycle of related, 'songs'. Of the best and most bizarre of the old school of Art-Rock.

Notes   Tracklisting
Recorded at Sunrise Studio, Kirchberg 15-29 January 1978, except tracks B1, B2, B3, B8 at Kaleidophon, London 15-18 March 1978. Gatefold sleeve. Sides designated as follow : A Side : AHA - Palace Courtyard B Side : MER - Irrigated Land
A1   On Suicide (1:26)
A2   The Dividing Line (4:11)
A3   Joan (3:05)
A4   Maze (5:05)
A5   In Two Minds (8:45)
B1   Terrain (3:49)
B2   The Tube (3:05)
B3   The Dance (5:09)
B4   Pirate Song (1:28)
B5   Labyrinth (2:15)
B6   Riddle (2:49)
B7   Moeris Dancing (5:08)
B8   Piers (2:10)