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don cherry - jon appleton

Human Music
€ 14.90
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don cherry - jon appleton - Human Music

don cherry - jon appleton

Human Music

€ 14.90

LABEL: Flying Dutchman
GENRE: Jazz | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. FDS 121 | YEAR. (2011)

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we love the out-there improvs of legendary jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, and the idea of him teamed up with an equally out-there electronics maverick (Jon Appleton, natch) was enough to get us excited about this cd reissue of the duo's 1970 recording Human Music. Cherry, then a fixture on the NYC free jazz scene, was invited to be an artist-in-residence by young Dartmouth music professor Appleton -- who just happened to have a Moog-laden electronic music studio at his disposal. The resulting collaboration is an early exercise in "live" electronic-meets-acoustic music -- as the studio techniques of musique concrete, like splicing and editing tapes with razor blades, couldn't be applied to a real-time improv duet, so Appleton had to find ways for Cherry's playing (on both horns and sundry percussion) to immediately "trigger" responses from the studio's arsenal of synths. The results are VERY bleepy-blurpy-whooshy, like something from a freaky sci-fi soundtrack, and Cherry's trumpet is often obscured by the electronic effects. We can't say that Human Music is an absolutely essential Don Cherry album but it's definitely an interesting novelty in his discography and it's cool to get to hear it now!  Gatefold sleeve (Aquarius)

Notes   Tracklisting

For synthesizer with various instruments composed and performed by Jon Appleton & Don Cherry. Realized at the Bregman Electronic Music Studio, Dartmouth College, Hanover (New Hampshire, USA).

A1   BOA (13:15)
A2   OBA (7:30)
B1   ABO (11:00)
B2   BAO (9:43)