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tomutonttu - Hylyt
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€ 15.00 € 7.50

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: | CATALOG N. dekorder 064 | YEAR. (2012)

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Tomutonttu is the solo disguise of Tampere's Jan Anderzen, head of Kemialliset Ystävät and (part-time) member of Avarus, Tuusanuuskat and the Islaja band. Anderzen is one of the focal points of Finnish underground music for the past 15 years with a zillion releases on some of the leading underground labels worldwide (Fonal, Ultra Eczema, Ducktails/Real Estate member Matthew Mondanile's New Images, Beta-lactam Ring, FatCat, Beniffer, etc.).

Tomutonttu is one of his longest running projects and easily his most adventurous and consummate - combining otherwordly dada electronics, psychedelic ethno collages, animal noises, warped voice samples, synth flutter - all presented with a certain warmth and DIY charm that makes even the most chaotic freeform pieces accessible in an unexpectingly genial way. And despite of all the noise and liberalness there's always a strange compositional logic & strength at the core of Anderzen's music that is both inscrutable and heartwarming.
The album is based on recycled tracks from several aborted releases (singles, compilations...), all revised; with newly recorded contributions by Dekorder label head Marc Richter (Black To Comm) adding a variety of electronic and acoustic noises. Hylyt is Anderzen's self-proclaimed "diploma work for the University of Bananafish".

The LP is mastered & cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates&Mastering for maximum volume & fidelity.

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