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I Am Not Artist (1973-1988) 6Lp Box
€ 100.00 € 90.00
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smegma - I Am Not Artist (1973-1988) 6Lp Box


I Am Not Artist (1973-1988) 6Lp Box

€ 100.00 € 90.00

LABEL: Vinyl-On-Demand
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: | CATALOG N. VOD 70 | YEAR. (2010)

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This astonishing 6LP/DVD Box-Set compiles most of Smegma's long out or print and impossible to find Vinyl-releases and contributions on labels such as their own legendary Pigface Records, LAFMS, TRAP, DOM and SELEKTON. The box incl. their first three 7" inches "Disco Diarrhea", "Flashcards", "Pigface Chant", their Lp's like "Pigs for Leper" or "Glamour Girl 1941" as well as a 2Lp-sided extract of the Live 73-82 Double Tape „Spontaneaous Sound, all in one place. Smegma started collectively by Ju Suk Reet Meate, Cheese it Ritz, Chucko Fats, Dennis Duck, Amazon Bambi and Cheesebro and found many other Avantgarde/Freejazz/Improv-musicians to participate in the next 3 1/2 decades to come. This Box is taking you on a journey with the least likely Folk-Primitive-Avant-Gard band in Pasadena, California, through Portland Oregon's Punk Rock revitalization and first melt down, to become the serious force in weird music that continues today. Box is accompanied with a DVD-Version of the original Video "10 years wasted" released in 1983 which is a great document of Smegma's first 10 years of existence & work
Box is accompanied with a DVD version of the original amazing Video "Smegma the first 10 years“ by Mike Lastra released in 1983 plus 2 Bonustracks of performances from 1978 & 80.

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 LP 1 1973-1979 - Glamour Girls LP / Pigface Chant 7" / Flashcards 7"
A1 Defference3:57 
A2 1980 A.R7:28 
A3 Proning Nose5:18 
A4 Die Wo-Wo1:36 
A5 I Am Not Artist6:19 
A6 Ladies Nite At The Ortho Lounge4:03 
B1 Half A Billion7:49 
B2 Forest Fire0:46 
B3 Pigface Chant4:33 
B4 Roll Down Your Window3:15 
B5 Boiling Bulbous Bowls3:52 
B6 Can't Look Straight3:43 
B7 Flashcards3:53 
 LP 2 1976-1981 Pigs For Leper LP / Tracks From Blorp Essette Vol. 1-3 & I.D.Art #2
C1 Antbone6:30 
C2 Id-o-matic2:45 
C3 In The Murder Room4:24 
C4 Bubs Medley10:41 
C5 Dying Cows...2:45 
C6 Maddness Mombo2:15 
C7 O-ooh!2:22 
D1 Dickensmeglee #352:20 
D2 Mr. Potatohead's Flotation Ex.6:16 
D3 Excerpt From I Smell Smoke7:09 
D4 Ya Gotta Geek The Geeker1:29 
D5 Acnode Ape5:22 
D6 Frogsies And Fisheggs Zuking...1:17 
D7 Excerpt From Son Of Geek3:21 
D8 Rrose Selavy Will Wait...2:03 
D9 Pigface Blues0:24 
D10 One Moment1:30 
 LP 3 1973-1982 - Spontaneous Sound Live
E1 Auto Suk4:56 
E2 Opening These Pumpkin Works6:43 
E3 Breakfast With Bananas4:15 
E4 Peanut Butter And Salad Dressing2:20 
E5 Changed Man Now1:47 
E6 When The Saints...3:09 
E7 Potato War0:59 
E8 I Used To Be A Rock N Roll Star6:12 
F1 My Life As A Grade B Movie27:14 
F2 Pinhead Stomp1:34 
F3 The Party's Over1:47 
 LP 4 1973-1982 - Spontaneous Sound Live
G1 Pag Open Jam9:52 
G2 Spontaneous Sound #113:45 
G3 Spontaneous Sound #24:58 
H1 Smegma's Spontaneous Sound17:11 
H2 The Long Goodbye Intro7:17 
H3 The Long Goodbye Soundtrack7:51 
 LP 5 1973-82 - Spontaneous Sound Live / Compilation Tracks 1976-82
I1 Get Away4:32 
I2 Mutant Baby 1/2 Speed5:00 
I3 Happy Holidays1:42 
I4 Loops And Horns8:55 
I5 Flash Back8:34 
I6 Flashcards "Live"3:17 
J1 Rock-Ola At Dammash Mental Hosp.5:44 
J2 Play Some Music Bastards2:24 
J3 Mutant Baby2:45 
J4 Outro1:17 
J5 Beauty School2:54 
J6 Dickensmeglee7:02 
J7 Reet Solo3:38 
J8 Still Life2:01 
J9 La Webster2:08 
 LP 6 1983-88 - Compilation Tracks 1983-88
K1 I'll Have Julie Nixon Eisenhower...6:28 
K2 Grass Glob Ball War4:47 
K3 Emergency #23:49 
K4 Emergency (Alternate)4:10 
K5 Pup Tide6:09 
K6 The Breathing Method3:04 
L1 Maddness In A Mudshoe4:39 
L2 The Wonders Of The Human Body3:00 
L3 Homesteaders Bane4:31 
L4 Dancing Hairpiece...3:08 
L5 Curse Of The Heneh Mongers4:04 
L6 Anatomic Annie4:04 
1 First 10 Years29:45 
2 Bonus 1: NWAW5:20 
3 Bonus 2: Clockwork Joe's3:07