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the hafler trio

Ignotum Per Ignotius
€ 20.00
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the hafler trio - Ignotum Per Ignotius
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80s electronic

the hafler trio

Ignotum Per Ignotius

€ 20.00

LABEL: Touch
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. TO:11 | YEAR. (1989)

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Original copy on Touch, packaged in large card wallet with 36 page booklet. This was the first CD by The Hafler Trio. Ignotium Per Ignotius stands for unknown to the very unknown, which is as much a mystery as the other Hafler Trio CD with a Latin title from that period "E Causa Ignota" — by unknown cause). Releases by The Hafler Trio are never "easy listening" and Ignotum Per Ignotia no exception. This is a brief CD (clocking in at 36 minutes), which for once is a good thing, as there is much to experience. The music seems based upon silence and noise. There are long periods of silence and then suddenly there's an outpouring of noise. The noise is multi-layered and even though this is a difficult Hafler CD to listen to, there is a strange quality and attractiveness in the music. McKenzie obviously knows what he is doing. There are track titles listed on the sleeve, but the music is coded as one long piece. The CD comes packed in the usual high standard of this series in a wrap-around sleeve with a booklet featuring beautiful graphics and a text in mirrored writing. Not that the text is very helpful towards explaining the music (Hafler Trio texts never give the game away but only add to it), but it is an interesting read. This is a good-looking release and, if you give it some time and attention, you will find the music equally good (Vital Weekly)

Notes   Tracklisting
Packaged in large card wallet with 36 page booklet.
1a   Before (6:18)
1b   Materia Confusa
2a   Calcination (6:15)
2b   Aqua Ardens
2c   Sublimation
3a   Condensation (5:52)
3b   Crystallization
4a   Albification (5:58)
4b   Solification
4c   Nigredo
5a   Journey In The Dark (6:03)
5b   The Inner
5c   Words Of Power
6a   Gold From The Blackness (6:13)
6b   After