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Best of 2017

Salah RAGAB, Cairo Free Jazz Band

In Egypt

Label: Praxis

Format: LP

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Recorded at El Nahar Studio, Cairo/Heliopolis, 1983. Limited Remastered Edition of 250 copies. Within the world of Sun Ra, the imagery of ancient Egypt can not be ignored. An integral part of his philosophy of Afrofuturism - blending Black Nationalism, ancient spirituality, and science fiction, the country loomed large in his consciousness. In 1971, he and members of his Arkestra traveled to the country for the first time - travelling, exploring, and performing a number of concerts. Beyond personal appeal, the trip proved creatively fruitful - introducing them to figures in Cairo’s growing jazz scene, the most notable of whom was Salah Ragab - founder of the seminal Cairo Jazz Band. Formed in 1968, Ragab’s ensemble is credited as the first effort of its kind in the country, and following their visit, came to cite Ra as a major influence - establishing a fascinating cross cultural interplay. In 1983, the Arkestra returned to Egypt for a second time, briefly entering the recording studio with Ragab and his band. The result was In Egypt, released later that year by the greek imprint Praxis. The recordings are a fascinating window in history and the trajectory of each project - Ra looking back toward the more direct and constrained structures typical of his work for the late 1950’s and early 60’s, while Ragab’s looks forward - blending the sounds of the Middle East with the possibilities presented by a big band. The result is a wonderful interplay - a conversation between converging cultures and the joys of music. Standing the test of time, In Egypt offers insight into a lost moment of great optimism. Essential listening for anyone interested in the history of jazz or the music of the Middle East.   


Cat. number: CM 106
Year: 2016
Genre: Jazz