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In streams (volume 2)
€ 15.00
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morphogenesis - In streams (volume 2)


In streams (volume 2)

€ 15.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. PD 17 | YEAR. (2003)

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 Morphogenesis started recording in January 1985 and this is our sixth CD release, coming 3 months after the release of Volume 1. Like Volume 1, this CD also contains excerpts from 3 concerts (all in London this time) and a studio piece. Morphogenesis play a few concerts a year, almost always in London. In fact we have only ever played outside the UK twice. Concerts have always yielded our most varied material, but until now our CD's have mainly documented our studio work. Both volumes of 'In Streams' redress this. Of the concerts; one is a whole piece from the Spitz concert organised by Eddie Prévost, then there is a short extract from the Red Rose which has a ominous feel to it that is only partially due to the hostile audience. Finally there is the whole of our Sonic Youth support gig at the Shepherds Bush Empire which also has some interesting audience reactions - the initial cheer of approval on this piece was not because we had finally started, but rather due to a well aimed missile from the front row.

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