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hector rottweiler

Infrastruktur (Lp)
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hector rottweiler - Infrastruktur (Lp)
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hector rottweiler

Infrastruktur (Lp)

€ 14.00 € 7.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. BIN 00-30 | YEAR. (2018)

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"Jonas Olesen is the musical mind behind a series of projects (BIN, Batch Totem, IR, OOC) that gradually positioned him as a discreet underground noise pioneer in Denmark, known especially for his work with modified instruments and an archaeological approach to sound art. For the Infrastruktur EP he resuscitated his Hector Rottweiler alias; a nod to the influential thinker Theodor W. Adorno, who published a number of his writings on jazz under the pen name Hektor Rottweiler.

In this four song 12”-vinyl, which released in July as a limited edition of 150 copies, Olesen has taken distance from the conceptual dogmas that guided his previous and arguably more noisier works as Hector Rottweiler (e.g. his BLOK I & II cd-r), where he intended to create “extremely primitive robot-like music”. However, what Infrastruktur retains from the Rottweiler works is a commitment to sonic exploration through the exclusive use of hardware. None of the sounds presented were created or treated with software, the only computer involved was solely used for recording". (Javier Orozco)

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