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manuel göttsching

Inventions For Electric Guitar
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manuel göttsching - Inventions For Electric Guitar
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manuel göttsching

Inventions For Electric Guitar

€ 21.90

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. MGART 901LP | YEAR. (2016)

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Originally released in 1975. Remastered by Manuel Göttsching. Recorded July-August 1974, Inventions for Electric Guitar is Manuel Göttsching's first solo album, however it was released with the subtitle Ash Ra Temple VI technically making it the sixth and final album under the Ash Ra Temple name. Written and performed entirely by Göttsching on electric guitar, with a four-track TEAC A3340, Revox A77 for echoes, wah-wah pedal, volume pedal, Schaller Rotosound, and Hawaiian steel bar. A seminal minimalist album it's all done by multi-tracked delayed guitar with absolutely no outside help. "but Göttsching's use of echo, delay, and assorted treatments give these pieces the flavor of sequenced synthesizer music, occasionally reminiscent of Tangerine Dream's work from the period. The opening "Echo Waves" is a trance-inducing space guitar masterpiece, with repeating rhythm figures and gradual phase shifts creating a warped sense of time. The first 14 minutes of the track consist of short, subtly changing melodic phrases, until Göttsching questionably chooses to close with a searing, acid-fried guitar solo. "Quasarsphere" is much more contemplative, with Göttsching processing his guitar to sound like a synthesizer in the vein of Robert Fripp. The closing "Pluralis" consists of endless variations constructed around a simple guitar sequence; it possesses a structure similar to "Echo Waves" (down to the late-breaking blast of psychedelic soloing) with a bit more space and a slower tempo. In some respects a precursor to the groundbreaking proto-techno of E2-E4, Inventions for Electric Guitar is an essential document for space rock enthusiasts." Amg


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Remastered By Manuel Göttsching

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