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The Taj-Mahal Travellers

July 15, 1972


Format: Vinyl LP

Out of stock

Here is a super rare Original copy of Japanese cult experimental outfit's debut album. Encoded with Sony's SQ quardraphonic system, featuring Takehisa Kosugi(electronic violin, radio oscillators & voice), Ryo Koike(electronic contrabass, suntool, harmonica & sheet iron), Yukio Tsuchiya(vibraphon, suntool), Michihiro Kimura(electronic guitar & percussion), Seiji Nagai(electronic trumpet, harmonica & castanet), Tokio Hasegawa(vocal), and Kinji Hayashi(electronic engineer). Comes in gorgeous thick textured cover with the rare printed insert. 1 copy available
Cat. number: SOLM 1
Year: 2009

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