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akio suzuki

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akio suzuki - Ki-date

akio suzuki


€ 42.00

GENRE: Music from Japan | FORMAT: DVD+Book | CATALOG N. migishi | YEAR. (2009)

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This is Akio Suzuki's brand new fantastic item consisted of an exhibition catalog and DVD boxed! He carried out an exhibition at a small museum in Aichi pref. in last summer. This DVD includes his installations, talking with poet Syuntaro Tanikawa, live performances and some past events in 3 hours and a half !! Also small catalog is included many photographs of this exhibition and very rare performances in earlier period. 189 pp, text is in Japanese and English (translated by Alan Cummings). Also box is appeared two colors (white and brown)'. 'The Theme of the exhibition is ki-date - a phase which orginally derives from the tea ceremony, where no-date means to brew tea outdoors. But rather than brewing tea, Suzuki means to kindle our awareness, and our spirit (ki ). Ki appears in many Japanese words - tenki (weather), kisei (elan), iki (spirited). In each of these cases, ki points to the latent potentioal to reveal its inner life. Atmosphere, life-force, beauty - each is composed of ki itself.

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Document of an exhibition held at Ichinomiya City Memorial Art Museum of Setsuko Migishi, Ichinomiya, between July 12 and August 17, 2008.
Consists of a box containing a 190 page colour catalogue, a DVD and a guide map to the Oto-date outdoor sound event.
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