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Jean-Marc Foussat


Label: Fou Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

A beautiful solo album by experimental electronician/multiinstrumentalist Jean-Marc Foussat. The album is clearly dedicated to Victor Foussat, a young poet and painter who died this year. One of his paintings his reproduced on the inner sleeve, and Jean-Marc recites a poem of his in-between the two 20-minute tracks that make up the album. I rarely cross paths with Foussat’s music, but each opportunity is a delight. The two pieces here are powerful amalgams of synths and objects. Foussat’s music has a self-taught feel to it and shows a keen sense of spreading around/retightening, which is what drives the first track. The second piece is more loop/accretion-based. Strong material. (Monsieur Delire)

Cat. number: FRLP01
Year: 2012