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Italian Experimental Progressive

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Juri Camisasca

La Finestra Dentro (Lp)

Label: GDR

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Vinyl release in a faithful replica of the original 1974 edition!! Juri Camisasca, a reclusive and mysterious musician from near Milan, despite a very limited discography can be considered a cult figure among the progressive music followers: his La finestra dentro issued in 1974 by Bla Bla, is one of the best albums on that label, strongly influenced by his collaboration with Franco Battiato, who signed Juri to the label and produced the LP, also playing the VCS3 synth on it.
Though not musically as complex as Battiato's early works, La finestra dentro can be compared with Alan Sorrenti's first album in the use of voice as an instrument, with sparse musical accompaniment on some tracks. The overall result is much more intense than Sorrenti's Aria, with no weak parts, and a very regarding listen. MASTERPIECE!!


Cat. number: 1101 LP
Year: 2013

Limited edition of 500 only

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