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nico fidenco

La Ragazzina
€ 19.90
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nico fidenco - La Ragazzina

nico fidenco

La Ragazzina

€ 19.90

GENRE: Library/Soundtracks | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. C02016LP | YEAR. (2016)

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La Ragazzina is an Italian sex comedy film from 1974, and you know what they say about Italian sex comedies from the 70’s right? They always have cool kitschy soundtracks! La Ragazzina is no exception, with Nico Fidenco providing bright, loungey accompaniments to the on-screen sexy antics. This is arguably one of Fidenco’s finest works, and it's a pleasure to see this vinyl reissue with remastered audio on Contempo. "The soundtrack composed by Maestro Nico Fidenco for the 1974 movie directed by Mario Imperoli and starring a young Gloria Guida, is a collection of ultra cool tracks ranging from beat to lounge, from “easy” funk to “spacey” pop.
This is one of the best and rarest soundtracks composed by Nico Fidenco. Original copies with the CAM “Scoring Record” Cover changes hands for more than 500 euro, while the few available with the original censored cover are sold at around 5.000 euro!!!
Our reissue reproduces the CAM “Scoring Record” artwork, with the Contempo Records logo in place of the CAM Logo. Unfortunately the censored cover has a nude picture of Gloria Guida on, and we did not get authorisation to reproduce it.
The complete original soundtrack remastered from the original analog tapes. Master and sound restoring done by Roberto Zamori at Film Music Art Studio.

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