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Klaus Schulze

La Vie Electronique 2

Label: Revisited Records (2)

Format: CDx3 BOX

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As a member of seminal "kosmische" groups Ash Ra Tempel and Tangerine Dream, and throughout his long and distinguished solo career, Klaus Schulze has emerged as one of the pioneers of modern electronica. Pulsing analog sequencer rhythms and proto-ambient synth drones, presaged developments in techno and trance by nearly two decades. The three-disc set, La Vie Electronique 2, is the second in a comprehensive reissue program focused on rare tracks from the long out-of-print and highly limited ultimate editions, a compilation series originally released in the `90s and containing previously unreleased material from Schulze's classic early `70s albums.

Cat. number: REV109
Year: 2009
DISC 1: "North of Yukon" and "Study for..." were recorded in Berlin During 1972/'73. Tracks 2, 3, 4 were recorded in Berlin in 1973.
DISC 2: All tracks were recorded in Berlin (and Munich) during 1973.
DISC 3: "Land der leeren Häuser" was recorded in Berlin in 1973. "Studies for Organ..." was recorded in Berlin in 1974. "Memento mori" and "Blaue Stunde" were recorded in Hambühren in 1975.

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