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WHITE OUT - Carlos GIFFONI - C. Spencer YEH

Live At No Fun


Format: LP

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Recorded live at No Fun Fest 2008. White Out (Tom Surgal and Lin Culbertson) are true pursuers of the mythical everlasting improvisational fire. With a style thats both oblique and right to the point Tom's dynamic poly-rhythmic percussion and Lin's dynamic electronics and voice are augmented in this scorching live recording by C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core) on violin and Carlos Giffoni on analog synth. This was their first collaboration and is full of amazing interplay that covers a wide spectrum of sound, From other-world evolving sounds to furious free improvisation to thick layers of dense drones, this is a totally bombastic and essential document of ageless modern improvisation. Limited to 350.

Cat. number: NFP-48
Year: 2009

Recorded live at No Fun Fest 2008.

Limited to 350 copies.