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File under: Sound installation

Christian Marclay, Various

Live at White Cube (14xLp Bundle)

Label: The Vinyl Factory

Format: 14xLP Bundle

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

In 2015 White Cube presented a major solo exhibition by Christian Marclay, including a range of new work and a lively programme of performances. Continuing Marclay’s long-standing interest in the relationship between image and sound, the exhibition was comprised of featured The Vinyl Factory Press, a unique hydraulic vinyl pressing machine created by The Vinyl Factory, and screen printing equipment operated by the London printmakers Coriander Studio. Audiences were able to witness on site the unique process of producing vinyl records, from the initial recording of the concerts to cutting and pressing the records and printing the sleeves.
The records that were pressed each week by the Vinyl Factory will be sold on a first come first served basis. The bundle here is made of tourteen (out of fifteen) LP releases at a special price, as it is missing the Christian Marclay with Thurston Moore that was sold out immediately. The  limited edition hand-screen printed LPs here are from Ryoji Ikeda, Okkyung Lee, David Toop, Laurent Estoppey, Elliott Sharp, Mark Sanders, Nicolas Collins, Roger Turner, Elaine Mitchener, Gunter Muller and Rie Nakajima.


Cat. number: VF139 - 153
Year: 2017

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