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Italian Experimental Progressive

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Mauro Pagani (Lp)

Label: AMS

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Lp reissue: we're talking about his eponymous debut LP, originally released in 1978 by Ascolto record label: a magnificent and surprising album, where Mauro Pagani could finally show his love for popular/ethnic music, something difficult to put into PFM's compositions. Almost every of his former bandmates, anyway, plays in this record, together with other great guests such as Area - first of all, their incredibl singer Demetrio Stratos - and the female vocalist Teresa De Sio. This album still sounds amazing today, the vinyl transfer has been made for the first time with the DMM technology (Direct Metal Mastering), with the aim of offering an even better sound quality of the standard 180gr.

Cat. number: VM LP 115
Year: 2013

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