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dead gum

Meta (Lp)
€ 17.90
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dead gum - Meta (Lp)

dead gum

Meta (Lp)

€ 17.90

LABEL: Backwards
GENRE: Noise | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. BW33 | YEAR. (2019)

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**Limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl** Backwards proudly presents the new full length album of Greek great artist Dead Gum. "Meta", Dead Gum’s sophomore studio album, constituted a challenge for its maker. While “Gainer” - its predecessor - hollered for awareness and singularity, this one indulges into multi-layered, ambiguous narratives tracing an impossible duality. With abiding influences that distance him from conspicuous contemporary norms, Panagiotis Spoulos creates a nocturnal, desolate sound collage, invoking a meta-purpose for a/the current status quo.
The public character of the endeavour is almost jostled by the privateness of the overall statement; the invitation thus corresponds to a peek into a baffled brain and a rove around gradual levels of muffled alarm calls and grimy smells. Meta is no post-something. Meta merely stands half foot ahead of absolute nothingness, the true end of it all.

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