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Molto Bene

Label: Holidays Records

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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CD version. In Summer 2015 A L’ARME! Festival invited Konstrukt to perform with William Parker so we teamed up with Matt Bordin of Outside Inside Studio and invited the quartet to play two shows in Italy on their way to Berlin. Plans overlapped leaving two days off which were spent playing with no interruption at Matt's studio in Montebelluna and capturing four incredible tracks.

Now, Konstrukt are well known for their many collaborations with key players and real giants of worldwide jazz scene, but - once again - having the chance to listen to the music they produce when they play "alone" is something special. Their tribute to the past is paid with every single tune they play, but what we hear in these recordings is something that we can only describe as new music. Like the treasured FMP LPs of 1970s and 80s, their albums are a portal into new sounds and reinvigorating ideas. Music is often spacey, pairing with traditional Middle Eastern Taqsim-alike excursions, making a kind of immutable sound of the future past.
Their groove is a killer, this is freemusic streaming at its best!

Cat. number: HOL-102
Year: 2016

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