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KK Null, John Wiese

Mondo Paradoxa

Label: Auf Abwegen

Format: CD digipack

Genre: Noise

In stock

Constructed over the period of two years via mail collaboration this is a great and forceful collaboration between two artists that each have made a name for themselves with their unique approach to making sound. KKNULL is a master of feedback studies, working with looped scenarios to create dense and vital sound units. KKNULL has a long history as an experimental musician and is also the leading force behind proto-metal-group Zeni Geva and the dark-industrial project Absolut Null Punkt.
John Wiese has recently collaborated with such acts as Wolf Eyes and Sunn O))) and is also a  graphic designer in high demand. Usually he creates fragile but very erruptive  lo-fi noise rumblings with an almost poetic touch. He has a musical past in the group Bastard Noise. Needless to say, both artists combine the best of both worlds in this crunching release! Comes in beautiful full cover digipak, designed by Government Alpha, typesetting by John Wiese.
Cat. number: aatp26
Year: 2009

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