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robin fox

More Impossible Futures
€ 8.00
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robin fox - More Impossible Futures

robin fox

More Impossible Futures

€ 8.00

LABEL: Bocian Records
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl 7” | CATALOG N. BC 07 | YEAR. (2011)

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It seems that Bocian Records only releases 7"s these days and that they have a soft spot for improvised music from down under. Following Sean Baxter's 7" from a month ago, here is Robin Fox, an improviser from the world of electronic music, playing laptop and on one side entirely EMS VCS3. Two pieces that sound hardly improvised, but more composed. The 'More Impossible Futures' on the a-side is a more introspective piece of various layers of electronics sounds, which are put together in a rather gentle way. 'Drift Compression' on the other, the EMS piece, is something of a beast: loud, vicious, bouncing in all directions, sharp and angular. Two excellent sides and to me it seems that Fox composed both with the idea of a 7" in mind, and not present them as outtakes of a longer whole, which is sometimes the case with these sort of things. Very nice.
(–) Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

Notes   Tracklisting

"Drift Compression" was constructed entirely on an EMS VCS3 synthesizer. Both tracks composed in 2011

A   More Impossible Futures    
B   Drift Compression