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Mort aux vaches
€ 15.00
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ignatz - Mort aux vaches


Mort aux vaches

€ 15.00

LABEL: Staalplaat
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD special | CATALOG N. ST MAV066 | YEAR. (2010)

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New Ignatz cd out now on Staalplaat ´Mort Aux Vaches´ series. Live session at Berry Kamer´s Dwars program at VPRO. KRAAK is working on a new Ignatz lp as well, compiling the best tracks of his cassette releases. Will be released after summer...

On Friday Ignatz plays at the Kinky Star in Ghent. On May 22nd his new band Beautiful Band plays at the RTT in Brussels with The Psychic Paramount and Das Os. ´Beautiful Band [Laurent of Rot (guitars), Bram Devens of Ignatz (vocals & guitars), Paul Labreque of Sunburned Hand of the Man (bass), and the drummer Patrick Calvelo of either Willo the Wisp or Starfield Season] takes elements from older bands (lots and lots of Velvet Underground, quite a bit of Crazy Horse, the wahwah-style of Julian Cope, a touch of postpunk and/or postrock), so no doubt about the talent present.´

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3-panel Crumpled & Ironed Paper Cover!
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