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pxp - Nada



€ 15.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. Dekorder 009 | YEAR. (2005)

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Pxp is the short identifier of the department for penetration and perversion, a farmersmanual subunit located at []. necessarily in the spirit of the superunit the department's activities touch a wide range of areas with interleaving methodology and the sonic mapping of which being one subset. the topics being covered might be distilled to exploration of dynamic and selforganizing structures. Nada is the second realworld manifestation in the shape of an Audio CD precipitated by pxp on impulse of hamburg based experimental music label dekorder. much in the style of an earlier work , "while(p){print"."," "x$p++}", wavetrap, 2002, which has received an honourable mention in digital musics at ars electronica the same year for being perceived as "a jutting mass of digitized disturbance that fueled our direct reckoning with destabilized mathematics" by the jury, nada represents a snapshot of the landscape a couple of metamorphoses further down the same n-dimensional road, 5 < n < \infty/2, but giving in to a slight pull from self-sufficient, specialized systems living in close proximity to more open, general purpose communication networks.

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