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sun ra

Nidhamu+ Dark Myth Equation Visitation
€ 16.00
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sun ra - Nidhamu+ Dark Myth Equation Visitation

sun ra

Nidhamu+ Dark Myth Equation Visitation

€ 16.00

GENRE: Jazz | FORMAT: CD digipack | CATALOG N. ARTYARD 009CD | YEAR. (2009)

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This is an overlooked gem drawn from the 1971 Balloon Theater (Cairo) show, with the title track recorded at the home of the esteemed Mr. Hartmut Geerken. The Balloon Theater material is, in contrast to many of the more raucous live albums of this period, deep, dark, and intimate-sounding...even meditative. Discipline 11 and Discipline 15 both feature slow, haunting ensemble horns and reeds playing those wild intervals that saxophonist John Gilmore always cited as a reason he made the Arkestra his home. Nidhamu is a solo excursion by Sun Ra on Minimoog and Rock-si-chord. The Moog playing is abstract, yet thoroughly informed with Ra's musicality. The Rock-si-chord electronic piano figures prominently in the second half, resembling a 'fantasia' like something from 'Night Of The Purple Moon'. This is accompanied with simultaneous left hand Moog..... it sounds like he's got both his Moogs going. I hope Mr. Geerken's guests appreciated the evening's entertainment!

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