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no-neck blues band

Nine For Victor
€ 16.50
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no-neck blues band - Nine For Victor

no-neck blues band

Nine For Victor

€ 16.50


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No-Neck Blues Band are one of those acts that if you like ‘em, you pretty much like everything they’re going to belch out. It’s free improv-pscyh-new-weird-America-jazz-whatever and like their brothers from another mother Sunburned Hand of the Man and Jackie O Motherf**ker they release way too much of it, but you can’t begrudge them that I suppose. I admit, I really have a soft spot for this kind of no-holds barred noisy abandon, and they do put in a sterling performance here; recorded for the ‘International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville’ festival which also gave birth to last years breathtaking Wolf Eyes/Anthony Braxton team up, they let rip into some of their noisiest and most genre defying material yet. Flitting from electronic hiccupping to drone to noise and beyond they manage to throw pretty much everything they’ve accumulated in their wide reaching career into the mix, but as with so many live cds there’s a real feeling that you had to be there. Like Sunburned Hand of the Man, seeing a band like this is just as visual as it is aural, and as the band members prance about like lunatics it genuinely adds to the listening experience. Without that it feels like you’re only getting half the show, but half of a No-Neck show is a damn sight more interesting than so much else out there. Weird, American and ever so slightly new, give it a go!

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