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jim o'rourke

Old news #8
€ 18.90
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jim o'rourke - Old news #8

jim o'rourke

Old news #8

€ 18.90

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LPx2 | CATALOG N. old news 8 lp | YEAR. (2012)

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More archival works from Jim O'Rourke see the light of day on Old News #8. Recorded in 1991-1992. Originally released as part of Disengage by Staalplaat. Special thanks to Geert-Jan Hobijn and Frans de Waard for their years of support. Jeff Cortazzo (trombone), Sue Wolf (cello), Michael Prime (shortwave), Geoff Fontaine (voice), Gretchen Wells, Matt Guerierri, Scott Shell. "Merely" recorded live at DePaul University, 1991 -- Carrie Biolo (percussion). Remastered in 2012, Steamroom Tokyo. This one is for Billy F. Available only in this format. "Whether or not you want to hear the melodies here as memories -- of humanity? of earth? of a simpler past? -- desperately trying to push through into the mix, they certainly do produce an uncanny effect. And that's very much to O'Rourke's credit. Old News #8 is an engaging, powerful listen. And besides, there's much more to this record than the found sounds anyway. This is another excellent release in an excellent series." --Tiny Mix Tapes

Notes   Tracklisting

This 2LP release is part of a series documenting analog synth and tape works from O'Rourke's vast archive.

Mere Pts 1-3 - ecorded 91-92, originally released as part of Disengage by Staalplaat.

MerelyRecorded live at Depaul University 1991.

Remastered 2012 Steamroom Tokyo.

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