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konrad sprenger - ellen fullman

Ort (Lp)
€ 16.00
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konrad sprenger   - ellen fullman - Ort (Lp)

konrad sprenger - ellen fullman

Ort (Lp)

€ 16.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. choose002LP | YEAR. (2004)

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'Truly an exercise in shifting contexts, Ellen Fullman's haunting voice blends eerily with the sonorities of her 'Long String Instrument', which seems to function as a kind of cosmic fiddle. Sprenger has created a wall of sound behind Fullman with a potpourri of acoustic instruments, including Arnold Dreyblatt's own 'excited strings bass', a zither, violin, electric bass and even tympani along with the Long String Instrument. The pieces on Ort range from covers of Woody Guthrie and the traditional John Hardy to new versions of Fullman's original recordings from the early 1980's and more recent song-compositions; each marked by Fullman's evocative textual lyricism and innovative chordal and timbral transformations. Ort represents a unique blend of musical styles, from hillbilly-country & western to contemporary minimal, with shades of art-rock. This record is impossible to categorize easily, it fits in many 'places', which is as it should be.' (Arnold Dreyblatt)

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A1   Glittering Glass 2:54  
A2   No Home 3:58  
A3   Train 5:51  
A4   John Hardy 4:50  
A5   Empty Building 6:53  
B1   In The Mist 6:15  
B2   Bottle Glass 4:51  
B3   Simple Words 5:11  
B4   Worksong 2:37