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Out - Excerpt 1
Out - Excerpt 2
File under: Art-Rock

Anthony Moore

Out (LP)

Label: Drag City

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

Preorder: To be released in late November 2020


Slapp Happy's Anthony Moore, fresh off a year of collaboration with Henry Cow and the simultaneous dissolution of his own group, bounded up from the art-rock/20th century composition underground with this chart-challenging pop set for Virgin. Dropped before its planned release in ‘76, Out is an essential grab from the Britprog cutting room floor!

Kicking it off with a tricky asymmetrical keyboard riff reminiscent of Eno’s Tiger Mountain, before rolling into a narrative that unites the macho adventures of that era’s Dylan and Roger McGuinn under a belting Cale-esque vocal, “Stitch In Time” floats essential elements of the mid-70s British art-rock boom with dreamy pop effervescence.

File under: Art-Rock
Cat. number: DC792
Year: 2020

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