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Blue Gene Tyranny

Out of the blue

Label: Unseen Worlds

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

For the first time on CD, Blue Gene Tyranny s first album from 1977 (originally one of the first Lovely Music releases) is beautifully re-mastered, with new artwork and a 24-page booklet. Blue is a Grammy-nominated composer and pianistwho has performed on records by Robert Ashley (PerfectLives), John Cage, and Laurie Anderson, yet this is quite different. Composing for what is essentially a chamber rock ensemble, a cast of female vocalists, and himself (on
the Polymoog and RMI synthesizers), Blue has created a song-cycle that reflects his intensely melodic and free piano technique in a polished studio record. Out of the Blue elegantly combines adventurous New Music technique, the style and appeal of pop music, and the grace of classical music to form an unclassifiable and totally revelatory whole. Endearing, exciting, familiar yet unlike anything else this is a very friendly record.

Cat. number: UW01
Year: 2010

Recorded at The Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, Oakland, California, September - October 1977.

Originally released 1977 on LP by Lovely Music as LML 1061.

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