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faust - tony conrad

Outside The Dream Syndicate
€ 40.00
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faust - tony conrad - Outside The Dream Syndicate
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faust - tony conrad

Outside The Dream Syndicate

€ 40.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: 2xCD Box | CATALOG N. ToELi, SWC-D-3 | YEAR. (2002)

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LONG OUT OF PRINT, last two copies available: this is the special 30th anniversary boxed double disc format! It wasn't until after playing and performing for over ten years that the now-legendary experimental violinist Tony Conrad finally put his music down on wax. This was after his tenure as an integral member of the Theater of Eternal Music's Dream Syndicate with Lamonte Young, Marian Zazeela, John Cale, and Angus MacLise (NB: the latter two being founding members of the Velvet Underground, which got its band name from a paperback Conrad found lying in the street.) The Dream Syndicate's raison d'etre was exploring the sonic depth, meaning and sound of the almighty DRONE. A chance meeting with producer Uwe Nettelbeck resulted in an intense three-day recording session at Faust's secluded farm slash studio and it was here that Conrad finally got to breathe life into his own take on the drone. The Faust fellows supply a warm, insistent drum beat and a just as unstoppable bass throb.

Both the bass *and the drum* are 'tuned' to specific notes over which Conrad lays his droning violin. And that's it. For half an hour. So great! Not boring at all -- your ears quickly become attuned to the waverings, harmonies, and other minute changes amongst the three elements. Fans of Neu, Can, Kraftwerk, and of course Faust NEED this. As does anyone into hypnotic droning rock ala AQ faves Circle, Highly recommended, definitely seminal album by one of the pioneers of drone.
Recorded over a span of three days in 1973, "Outside the Dream Syndicate" was Tony Conrad's first official release and first collaboration with the celebrated Krautrock band Faust. Consisting of three epic tracks, hypnotically contemplative; the music shifts in subtle, almost subliminal, fashion, and the deeper one listens, the more rewarding it becomes.

This 2xCD deluxe boxed-set comes with:
- a 32 page booklet featuring an essay by David Fricke and original notes from the 1993

- a 93 page Table Of The Elements 2002 deluxe catalog.
- a poster of a 1994 Table Of The Elements showcase which featured Gate, Loren Mazzacane, Keiji Haino and Tony Conrad with Faust (for their first meeting in over 20 years).

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