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Label: Sundazed

Format: LP

Genre: Folk

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This is an amazingly beautiful 1970 album of fragile, ethereal, melodic and soulful acid folk which has attained cult status as a soulful folk classic! Gentle acoustic guitar and sweet, drifting vocals combine with subtle electronics to create music of rare depth and beauty! Features eight bonus tracks and detailed liner notes from Linda Perhacs herself! Essential! Highly recommended!

"As can be gleaned from the cover of her one and only record, Linda Perhacs was a stunning, beautiful love ... Anyway you eye it, this is a magical, sublimely singular piece of gentle folk-psych that belongs with those lone album classics by folks like Skip Spence or Vashti Bunyan (or the countless other souls that only released one record before disappearing into history's communal farms or funny-farm madness, like Elyse). It is a sound so personal and intimate that I can only hear it in the privacy of my own room. Although it's been near-impossible to gain biographical information about her, the experience of hearing her music reveals so much about her soul and mindset at the time that I really don't think I could share it with anyone else." Andy Beta, Pitchfork

Cat. number: LP 5312
Year: 2008

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